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An update on the website – now protected by username and password at Annabel’s request. New Twitter account created (approved followers only) to keep these tweets away from my normal business ones.

Travel pack has arrived

This morning’s post included the travel pack from Travel Indochina (plus document wallet and labels.) Makes you feel as though you will be going after all.

Toby has his visa already, Annabel’s is being processed at the moment – always a niggling worry until you actually get your passport back.

Medication: both of us have had the requisite jabs, Annabel has her malaria pills - Toby is going to get his on Monday together with industrial quantities of Loperamide (Lomotil) just in case!

Decided to set up this blog, mainly for photos but also to record the trip if we have the time, facilities and inclination to do so.

Have just added a Twitter feed here as well so we can use that if all else fails.