Yum Yum…

The next time you visit Bangalore we seriously recommend the SouthIndies Restaurant. A veggie restaurant on the 4th Floor of the Chevron Hotel in Infantry Road, the food is superb and amazingly good value.

I had a mulligatawny soup to die for, then we had a selection of South Indian dishes including ingredients such as mango, coconut, ginger, chilli, coriander etc. A wonderful meal!


36 Responses to “Yum Yum…”

  • rowan:

    I’ll remember next time I go – can I take my own meat for them to cook ??

  • Dave and Christine:

    Great to hear that you have arrived. Mulligatawny soup!!!! How very tales of the Raj. Love all the other ingredients of your dinner. Take a note! Will be keeping an eye on you. This is great fun! Love C and D xx

  • Dave and Yael:

    Have a great time over there. Look after yourselves and dont pick up any nasty bugs.
    Looking forward to hearing your stories.
    Will speak to you when I’m in London mid- March.

    all the best