Apologies for the break in despatches – we moved to Mysore on Wed. 17th and that was a bit hectic, followed by connectivity problems in the hotel in Mysore until today (Thur 18th.) These are likely to get worse rather than better over the next few days – I doubt if the Cicada Kabini in the Nagarhole National Park will have internet access, so it may have to wait until Sunday before I can post again. So please bear with us!

On Mon 15th evening met up with guide and 2 other travellers for briefing ready for the tour proper. They were knackered, having got in at 11am (5:30am London time) after travelling for 24 hours via Abu Dhabi.

Tues morning was an early start, quick visit to the Gardens again and then a Bull Temple before heading off to Mysore – a 3 1/2 hour drive, stopping for lunch on the way (lovely South Indian Special – lots of different dishes on a great big plate.)

Our hotel here is great – have a look at their website. Faded grandeur and some things actually work quite well (not internet acces, however!)

You’ll have to refer to the Itinerary for our visits in Mysore – it’s been a bit hectic again. But Annabel negotiated an additional visit to the Mysore Railway Museum for the train buffs in our audience - about six or eight old steam engines, all made in England, next to the railway station (a bit like a miniscule York Railway Museum, but hot, dusty and ramshackle – actually, not at all like York Railway Museum!)

The most dramatic place we visited was Mysore Palace - also built by a maharaja but infinitely grander than Bangalore’s “Windsor Castle” one. Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside, but you can get a taste on their website (go to Unique Rooms.) In the Wedding Hall, the pillars are single-piece hollow cast iron made in Glasgow, of all places! Oh, the Raj…!


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