Nagarhole National Park

The hotel was a delight after the noise and smells of Bangalore and Mysore, and it was wonderful to relax in peace after a bumpy 3 1/2- hour drive over bad roads.

But no relaxing! Many animals come to the water at the end of the day to drink, especially in the dry season, so we set off on a boat safari to see what we could see. We weren’t disappointed!

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Up early the next day for a Jeep safari deep into the jungle, and then a spot of birdwatching before another Jeep safari in the evening.

I will post photos when I can next get online – probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

We are now in Ooty, some 2,000 metres above sea level in the Western Ghats. A lovely, cool, clean place built by the British. As it’s Sunday there are lots of people out enjoying the day and walking around the Botanic Garden.

Tomorrow, a train ride and 5-hour drive to Palakkad – I must get some sleep now!