Coconut Lagoon

Coconut Lagoon is set on the very edge of Vembanad Lake and, as the name implies, is a mixture of land and water. Inlets run through the grounds and you can only get there by boat, arriving at reception directly off the boat.

Rooms are individual “cottages” with a bedroom (air-conditioned, thankfully) and an open-air shower/bathroom. This must be spectacular during the monsoon as some of the bathroom is open to the sky and would be streaming with refreshing rain.

The temperature is in the mid 30s Celcius and humidity was 97% when we arrived, making it very uncomfortable and sticky. The coolness of the room was a real treat although it’s strange to get a blast of hot, humid air when you go into the bathroom!

We look forward to tomorrow when we’re going to have our first Keralan cookery demonstration. Went to bed without supper following our spectacular lunch at Anil’s plantation, but after partaking of a couple of gin and tonics in our room from ingredients purchased en route to the hotel (tiffin??)

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