Cooking, boats and backwaters

Today we went to have a cookery demonstration. We got there by boat, which took some time because the short route was completely blocked by water hyacinths which apparently clog all the waterways. and are a real pest. Still, we got the opportunity for some great photos of life and colour along the backwaters.

When we finally arrived, in hot and humid weather, they brought us a drink made of ginger juice, lime juice, sugar and water, served chilled, which was quite divine and extremely refreshing. I’ll have to experiment to get the relevant quantities, but it makes an ideal summer drink (if we ever get a summer in the UK, of course!)

We learned how to cook a super chicken curry, a vegetable curry called Thoran, and dhal (lentils). They also showed us how to make chapatis which I’m really looking forward to doing – it’s very simple.

So now you know what will be on the menu when we invite you over for an Indian!

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